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Meet Laura Lane

As declared in her debut single, Laura Lane is a “Southern Belle.”


Growing up in a quiet farming community on the outskirts of Corinth, Mississippi, Laura Lane loved music from an early age. Some of her first musical experiences came through church singings and school programs. But, her real love for music began when she became acquainted with musicians such as Patsy Cline, Patty Loveless, Tanya Tucker, and Stevie Nicks. And, growing up only an hour from Tupelo meant a great love for Elvis too. Whether she knew it at the time, these musical influences were shaping her worldview… and her future.


Laura Lane's Training in classical piano added another dimension to her already multi-faceted musical interest and ability. This, combined with years singing on praise teams and in gifted music programs, left Laura with a wide-range of influences and experience. This seamlessly melds into her writing, composition and performance of today.


A signature of Laura Lane’s style is an open-mind to different styles and genres. She will croon anything from country to rock-n-roll to folk, all while adding her own flair. Her original songs all have a Southern Belle flair. They underscore the importance of family, the inevitable heartbreak of life, and love’s ability to heal. Laura Lane lives through her music, with the grace and moxie of a Southern Belle.

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